The conditions of
welcome contract – 1,9 TH/s
The conditions of 1,9 TH/s contract:
- Any user can purchase a welcome 1,9 TH/s contract for 49 days period.
-No service fee applied.
- The withdrawal from the platform can be made only in case of the balance is 0,001 BTC or more.
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About us
ECOS is an infrastructure ecosystem which includes
Free Economic Zone
Center for development of IT companies and innovative technologies, established by the order of the Government of Armenia.
Venture fund
Invests in innovative start-ups at any stage of their development.
Industrial hosting
Installation of large bunches of equipment in the modern data centers with special rates
Physical infrastructure
A data center with the most modern equipment (Antminer T17 and S17)
Educational center
Training of specialists in the area of innovative technologies.
Data centers
Centers for equipment installation and transactions processing.
Rent of shared capacity of the mining equipment in the Data transaction center.
Official equipment supplier
Supply of equipment for data centers directly from manufacturers (Bitmain,Canaan, Ebang)
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Some $50 million to be invested in Armenia's fourth free economic zone in Hrazdan
YEREVAN, August 30. /ARKA/. The government of Armenia has approved today an application of Ecos company for creation of a free economic zone in the town of Hrazdan, the administrative capital of central province of Kotayk.

Economic Development and Investments Minister Artsvik Minasyan said the government expects that the decision would stimulate foreign direct investment, increase the country's investment attractiveness, create export-oriented IT products, new jobs and promote sustainable economic development of the country.
Armenia Convenes Global IT Hubs at Armenian Blockchain Forum
Armenian Blockchain Forum – is an informational and educational ecosystem created to combine and consolidate the expertise and experience of the innovative companies, specialists, and entrepreneurs and build a favorable environment for the IT companies development.

"The questions of implementation and use of the distributed ledger technology are becoming more and more relevant every day as it affects all the spheres of our activity" – says The Minister of Economic Development and Investment Suren Karayan in his welcome letter to the participants of the forum.
What is ECOS?
ECOS company is the operator of free economic zone established by the government of
Armenia in 2018 and aimed at the development of key digital technologies. The legislation
allows high-tech companies that operate in the free economic zone to use a special mode of business operation that includes low taxation and government support. Application of this approach increases the effectivity of business, the security of investments in the innovative sector of the economy and allows reducing operational costs. Today ECOS is a full-cycle innovative ecosystem that includes data centers, industrial mining facilities, VC fund, R&D laboratory, educational platform, and Armenian Blockchain Forum.

In 2018 an agreement on the establishment of the Free Economic Zone was signed between the Government of Armenia and ECOS, where ECOS was appointed an organizer of the Free Economic Zone. Thus, today ECOS is an innovation ecosystem that includes data centers, an industrial mining center, a venture fund, an R&D laboratory for designing innovations, an educational platform, acceleration programs, and an information and education forum for the Armenian Blockchain Forum.
How can I know you are not a scam project?
Our company is an organizer of a global project – Free Economic Zone of Armenia, created by order of Government of Armenia. Cloud mining service is just a part of the Free Economic Zone infrastructure. You can find more details on the project on the web site:
Currently the construction of a new innovative data center in the Free Economic Zone is under way, it will allow us to additionally cut our expenses and make mining even more profitable.
What is hashrate?
Hashrate is the speed at which a computer is completing an operation in the Bitcoin code, it is measured in GH/s. The more hashrate you have – the more cryptocurrency can be mined.
Contract selection. Service fee
We are offering two types of contracts: the one with service fee and the one without.
Contracts with service fee imply payment for electricity, equipment monitoring and maintenance, software, internet access and so on.

The fee depends on the contract you select – the more hashrate you get the more fee you pay. When purchasing your contract you can see the full amount of service fee.

Contracts without service fee already include all the costs, calculated with a discount.
Such contracts are for those investors who would like to receive full BTC revenue.
What commissions does your service imply?
The service doesn't imply any extra commissions when purchasing a contract or cryptocurrency withdrawal.
Do you mine for yourself on your own equipment?
Yes, mining for ourselves on our own equipment is our main business activity. In ECOS company we combine several key conditions to achieve excellent profitability of the mining process: the perfect location of a mining facility that is fully compliant with legislation, the special mode for the business operation that includes low taxation and government support, cheap electricity and also reduction of other costs. This strategy allowed us to establish a retail branch of our business - the cloud mining service, that is profitable for ourselves and our customers.
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